Monday, December 16, 2013

Project4Hire: Work at home, Freelance Job

Project4Hire is another web marketplace where freelancer can find contractual jobs like programming, graphic design, translate, web design, consultancy and others.

It is also a place where clients can Find qualified freelancers willing to do the job within their budget. Posting a project FREE.

However, if you would rather hire someone on a permanent basis you must post an Employment Ad. There is a $10 fee to open a Employment Ad. With an Employment Ad, there is no bidding. You communicate directly with the job prospects with any method of your choosing.

For the freelancer registration and bidding is free, however if a project is awarded to you there is a Project Acceptance Fee (commission fee) which is 5% of your winning bid BEFORE you can start working on the project. The client may pay the commission fee on your behalf if he so chooses, in which case, you may begin to work immediately on the project.

You can sign UP Here

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