Monday, February 22, 2016

Earn Money On ChaCha, Become a ChaCha Guide

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If you love to be a know-it all or an expert on something then why not earn from it by becoming a ChaCha guide.

Guide Answerers - are the ChaCha's resident know-it-all, the renaissance man/woman, or the resourceful friend everyone calls. You are able to comprehend, research, and answer any question thrown at you, regardless of subject matter.

Requirements to be a Guide Answerer:
  • Exceptional Internet searching skills
  • strong general knowledge
  • good grammar and spelling
  • fast typer
  • strong reasoning ability
  • sound judgment

ChaCha Affiliate - these are specialized guides who are serving questions for one or more “affiliate” relationships that ChaCha is developing with governments, businesses, and organizations.

Requirements to be a ChaCha Affiliate:
  • Exceptional search skills (often limited to a specific set of online content)
  • ability to adapt to different practices
  • good grammar and spelling
  • fast typing
  • strong reasoning ability
  • sound judgment
* Guides can make about  $0.02 per completed work. Affiliate rates vary based on the individual project.

Technical Requirements:

  • PC or laptop with 1GB of RAM
  • Chrome browser
  • perating Systems: Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • high-speed internet connection
* There are no scheduled work time, the hours are yours to decide.

Here's how to register:
  • Click on the ‘Register’ button
  • On the Guide Registration page you'll provide information about yourself, submit a W-9 form, and pass a compatibility assessment for the specific Guide Role you choose.
  • Once you passed you will receive a congratulatory email and be directed to orientation and training
  • You will take a “Role Readiness Test” that confirms you’re ready to handle live customer questions.
  • Completing the Readiness Test will activate you as a paid ChaCha Guide.