Thursday, April 13, 2017

Make Money on Neobux (PTC website)

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Neobux is a “Paid To Click” website or a “PTC Site” where members get paid by clicking ads from their website. You can also advertise your website or product from Neobux for a reasonable price, in exchange you will be given NeoPoints which you can use to purchase more ads, rented referrals and upgrades.

Members get about 30 ads per day for a pay per click from $ 0.001 up to $0.015, it will also depend if you are a paid member or a standard (Free) member. You can earn more by doing Mini Jobs offers which are simple tasks like finding information online you can earn from 4 cents up to 8 cents per task.

Once you accumulate $2 you can withdraw your money but it it will then increases by $1 each new payout up to $ 10. Payments are made instantly to your PayPal, Payza, Skrill, or NETELLER account.

They are a stable company since they have been online and paying for 9 years. Members have a chance to win free Golden membership from their Adprize or they can convert accumulated 30000 points as Golden upgrade.

About renting referrals, you can rent about 10 or 20 as long as you can manage them because if you chance upon lazy referrals you will lose money! Concentrate on Direct Referrals and tasks!