Monday, September 28, 2015

Earn Money Online Blogging on InfoBarrel

If you are passionate about something then why not write about it, and earn online passive income from it. You can contribute articles, videos, reviews and how to guides on InfoBarrel and generate revenue from them. It can be a long term passive income stream.

Whenever, you create content on InfoBarrel your Ads will be published on it and as a publisher on Infobarrel you are entitled to 75% of the revenue generated from the display ads on your articles. Before the ads were paid from the advertisers (like Google Adsense), they have revised that since a lot of members are having issues in creating Google Adsense accounts. That is the reason they have created IB Ads system, where InfoBarrel will pay you directly. 

Payout can be withdrawn through your PayPal account.

You can sign up here: InfoBarrel