Saturday, November 22, 2014

Earn Money on

SheToldMe, earn money online, social bookmarking sites, earn money on social bookmarking sites. earn online, make money online is a Social bookmarking site that lets you keep the 100% revenue share. You can write or look for an interesting article, image or video online and just submit it to Once you have submited your content it will be tagged as "Upcoming", other user will have a chance to vote if they like your content. If you get a lot of votes, your content will be featured on the front page.

Your content can also earn you money, through AdSense ads. If your ads get clicked by your readers, you will earn money from your AdSense Account. Earn more money by referring others to join Your referrals will have your AdSense ID displayed on every content pages they submit. Even though they don't have an AdSense, your AdSense ad will be displayed on their content, just below the tags. When a member with no referrer submits a content page, you can see an AdSense ad at the very bottom of the screen, this is the third ad (out of the three allowed by AdSense on a single page) and it is removed to make space for your AdSense ad on every pages submitted by members you referred. Promoting your referral link to others will give you more AdSense earnings.

So here how their Ads work, on every page of your content it will have three ads each with different Adsense codes:

1.  One block of Adsense Ads above the title (has’s Adsense code all the time)
2.  One block of Adsense Ads just below the title of your scoop (has your Adsense code all the time)
3.  One block of Adsense Ads just below the tags (has your referrers Adsense code all the time)

However, I would only recommend if you have money to spare since you have to pay $5 per month or $12 per year for you to be able to submit your content. And with a lot of other  Social bookmarking site that are offering the same service for free I don't think joining is worth it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Seekyt: Get Paid to Write Online

Seekyt, Get Paid to Write Online, earn online, work at home, work online

If you are into writing and want to earn from, another online article platform site that you may consider is You can earn money from articles you want to write like how-to's, recipes, tutorials, local reviews, latest news, and more!

Seekyt has an attractive layout that easy to use. As you will notice compared to HubPages their platform is much smaller. Once you have written a compelling, engaging, and original content and you have already published it you can monetize your article using AdSense, VigLink and Chikita. If ads are clicked by your readers, you will receive payment from the advertising network. Seekyt shares a portion of the revenue made on your articles with you. Articles that are posted on Seekyt do well in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Snipsly: Make your Money From your Content

Make your Money From your Content, earn online, make money online, snipsly, write articles

If you want to earn money online from home but don't where to start, try to get started on something simple like writing articles and other content online. You can write articles, forum posts, movie and product reviews, how-to guides, and lists. If you a expert on something you can write about it too.

To earn using your content you can try using Snipsly is an article writing community, where a member can contribute articles and receive Google Adsense revenue share. Snipsly has easy to use tools to monitor your own performance and how much you are earning.

Membership is Free. You will need a Google Adsense publisher ID, for you to be able to earn from your articles. The revenue split is 80/20, 80% of the income generated by your article goes to you and the rest goes to

Snipsly welcomes users from all over the world.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Make Money Online through Xomba

Make Money Online on Xomba, xomba, ad sharing site

Xomba is a community online that loves to share stuffs, ideas, articles, etc online. It's also a social network site where you can share your content to others. With Xomba you can create blogs, bookmarks, lists, recipes and reviews. You can write your opinion, stories, how-to guides, news updates, essay, or anything that you can think of. Xomba also allows you to share links to others.

For you to earn on Xomba you will need a Google AdSense account, it is an ad sharing site. 60% of the impressions will show your AdSense code, and 40% will show Xomba's. Google will pay you when your ads get clicks.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Earn money on HubPages

Earn money on HubPages, hubpages, make money online, wahm

HubPages is a site were publishers generate their own content and publishers can earn money through revenue-sharing. Their site hosts articles and other contents generated by their members. Membership is free and you are encourage to make your articles more lively through  embedding videos, external links, reader surveys, photos and maps. They also encourage readers to make comments and ask feedbacks.

HubPages have also bought Squidoo on August 15, 2014 which is also a platform for user generated content.

Earn money on HubPages:

HubPages use ads on your content that gives the publisher the opportunity to earn from their original published work. For you to earn, you will need to sign up with their affiliate and earnings programs that they have available.

Publisher can join ad programs of their choice, like Google AdSense, the HubPages Ad Program, the HubPages eBay Program, and the HubPages Amazon Program. These programs will allows the publisher to generate earnings from the transactions that occur on their Hub (clicking on ads, buying a product from Amazon, etc).

Pay out is monthly through PayPal, $50 is the minimum payout threshold.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Earn Money on InfoBarrel

Earn Money on InfoBarrel, make money online, earn money online

Everyone wants to earn passive income. However, you must remember you will need to work for it. There is no such thing as free lunch. InfoBarrel can give you a really good source of online passive income. InfoBarrel shares AdSense revenue from 75% - 90%, you can also use Chitika and Amazon ads.

InfoBarrel is for people who loves to write and create great content to educate readers or share experiences with others. While doing the things you love which is writing, you can generate revenue at the same time through Ad sharing via Google Adsense program.

However, if you are having problems getting a Google Adsense account don't worry they now have IB Ads system, in which InfoBarrel will pay you directly to your PayPal account.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mr Rebates Scam or Not? Review

Mr Rebates, rebates, coupons, money

Mr Rebates is not a scam, in fact it is free to register to earn cash, save money, and enjoy the rebates. You will also get a $5 free just for signing up. Mr Rebates is very similar to eBates, so you can use both and choose whichever offers the better cash back deal between the two.

After you have signed up, just buy at one of over 2,000 cash back stores which includes Dell, QVC, Target and many more. Combine online coupons plus a cash back rebate and you save big money with Mr. Rebates.

Every purchase you make at their store, you will earn up to 30% cash back on every dollar you spend. Once you've earned enough rebates, you can simply cash out and you will receive a check or Paypal payment.

Mr Rebates is mainly for USA and Canada. You can cash out once you reached $10.