Monday, December 9, 2013 Work at home

If you are a programmer or in IT and want to work at home to earn extra income or work at home full time try Individual freelancers and companies who provides coding jobs can register on GetACoder.

However, if you have a company who employs several workers it is recommended that an individual account is created for each worker.

On GetACoder you will find Buyers who manages small to medium-sized businesses who aim to purchase good quality services at a fair price. Hence, they post their requests on GetACoder, since they believe that hiring remote Providers is the most effective solution to succeed with their businesses. Providers are asked to help on almost everything, from IT-related tasks, writing assignments to legal matters, among other jobs. Also, Providers can engage either on small fixed-price jobs or on large long-term jobs.

Payment option is through MoneyBookers, GetACoder Card, Wire Transfer and Pecunix you cannot withdraw less than $100 at a time.

GetACoder charge  a 10% commission of the total bid amount, plus a $5 fixed fee, while Premium Providers are not charged with the $5 fixed fee. In hourly jobs, Normal Providers have a 10% pay rate, which is applied to each payment sent by the Buyer, plus a $5 fixed fee. Premium Providers are exempt from paying the fixed fee.

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