Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Make Money On YouGetProfit

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What is YouGetProfit? Is it a scam? - No it's not a scam, it's a legitimate website that pay its members for doing simple task like viewing Ads, signing up for offers, completing mini jobs, etc. They sells advertising space to companies or individuals willing to promote their websites or affiliate offers. Advertisers who invest on their ad packages not only get traffic for their websites they also get dividends from the revenue sharing program.

YouGetProfit have been online since 2013, it's not a scam but you should also be careful with investing in revenue sharing program or from the referrals that you decide to rent. It's not a sure shot income. However, if you view Ads yourself, do signing up for offers, and completing mini jobs you won't incur any loss.

Also on their Terms of Service they don't guarantee profits:

"YouGetProfit.com never gives or makes any guarantee of earnings or profits or fixed daily returns. Members are buying advertising services only and YouGetProfit.com shares profits from sales of all the multiple services on our site, including banner and text advertisement, and various account conveniences."

Revenue Sharing - Their advertising package is $25 you will get potential earning from Revenue share max $30 per advertising package you bought which is not bad.

Their minimum cash out is just $2 when you are withdrawing for the first time. However, after that the minimum increases to $5.00 for the second time, then $7.00 for the third time, and $10.00 after that.

You can choose to get paid via Payza, Bitcoin or Perfect Money.

The signup is free, you can SIGN UP HERE....

Netbusinessrating - LEGIT


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