Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ClixSense PTC Adverts Click and Get Paid! Review

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ClixSense is a PTC website in which members can make money by viewing ads, doing simple tasks, taking paid surveys, and getting free offers. You can get paid up to $0.02 each ads, however most ads are just $0.001. Their surveys pay from $0.1 to $5 per survey but I haven't seen a $5 survey yet on my account. Most of the surveys are geographically targeted, so there are more Surveys if you are located in the U.S. and Europe than the Eastern ones.

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Paytoo, Payza and Neteller. The overall daily income are different and it depends on the activities that you are doing, just a ballpark figure the average income you can get form the PTC Ads should be $0.04 a day. While Members from Top tier countries can earn $20 per week from Paid Surveys since ClixSense has recently partnered with a lot of survey providers like Toluna, YourSurveys and OpinionWorld.

Clixsense is completely free to join and work.

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  1. ClixSense is a very recommended work from home website.

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  3. Just got my cheque for $500.

    Sometimes people don't believe me when I tell them about how much you can earn by taking paid surveys online...

    So I took a video of myself getting paid $500 for doing paid surveys.

  4. The best things about Clixsense's GPT Click Feature:
    1. Up to $0.02/click.
    2. 5 seconds lowest timer.
    3. Re-click every 24 hours.

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