Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Earn Points which You can convert to real Money by giving Advice

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FunAdvice is a social question and answer service where anyone 13 or older can sign up, ask questions post advice, share photos and make friends online. You can earn points for answering questions and other activities, which you can convert to real money. The company is by a virtual team that is located in Miami Florida with staff and volunteer "advisors" from all over the world.

You can join for free, and member can ask questions about anything with a few restrictions on commercial questions, harm, and or abuse per the terms of use on the site, categorized into 25 different categories. You can also view other member who share your interests as well as view related photos, questions, status updates, videos and howtos.

FunAdvice offer point system which lets members earn 10 cents per point earned on the site from other members "liking" their answers, writing howtos or adding tips. Tips are small, bite sized bits of knowledge that are sent via email to the opt in list of members, which is over 70,000 Monday through Friday.

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