Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rate It All, Earn Money Rating Your Favorite Products and Services

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RateItAll is a consumer review and rating website on products and services that integrates social networking. The member can give a ratings and reviews on consumer products and services, recordings, movies, music, travel, current issues, events, occurrences and other stuff.

Rate It All was created in 1999 by Lawrence Coburn but had to shut down in 2001 because of the dotcom bust and was relaunched in 2007.

Members can earn on RateItAll through revenue-sharing program based on Google AdSense. They share 50% of the Google Adsense revenue generated by the pages created by the member.

In my opinion, Rate It All is a good additional earnings opportunity since it is just like a forum where you post anything and the rules are lax they are not a stickler on the quality of your reviews.


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