Saturday, February 22, 2014

Work Online On Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is based in UK and it is a meeting place of freelancer and employers. If you are a freelancer they have thousand of freelance work waiting for you.

On Peopleperhour you need to impress your future employer or buyers, by creating an impactful profile that outline your experiences, talents, and skills. You can also send 15 proposals a month no charge at all (free). If you need more proposals however, you will need to buy credits. They have freelance works ranging from Design, Writing, Web Development, Marketing and PR, Video Photo Audrio works, Search Engine Marketing, Business Support, and Social Media.

If you are the buyer of the services there are no membership fees all you need is to pay the Sellers (freelancers) fees. However, the Sellers (freelancers) will need to pay a small Service Fee on the projects that they got.

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