Saturday, January 18, 2014

Agent Solo: Freelance Job Site

Agent Solo is an English version of their French freelance job site. This site aims to get freelancers and small businesses from Canada. If you are looking for Freelance Graphic Designer job they have hundreds of it on their site. is a venue for a freelancer (solo agent) negotiate and offer his services to his Buyers. It alos works as a community of professionals looking to expand their business network or simply share tips and ideas in order to better adapt to the new working world.

They have Four kinds of membership Solo Agent BASIC (Free), Solo Agent NETWORKER $34,99 For 1 year, Solo Agent TALENT SEEKER $45,99 For 1 year, and Solo Agent PREMIUM $49,99 For 3 months.

If you are just a solo freelancer it's quite easy to post or offer your service, just sign up for FREE and post your profile, showcasing your talents and achievements if really important to impress potential clients.


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